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Hi, I’m Rachel Herbert, I’m 26 years old, and I live in the United Kingdom with my roommates and my little brother. I have always dreamed of having a small website space in which I could share my knowledge about photography.

Here you’ll learn some useful tips and tricks that’ll help you to make the most out of your photography.

When I was 12 years old, my sisters gave me a Polaroid camera and it sparked my creativity. Taking pictures of anything will allow you to enjoy every detail of it and doing it is a wonderful way of gaining experience in the field.

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Also, you’ll start learning how the camera works and how to manage the memory when you are doing moving pictures.

I studied at the University of Cinema in Argentina. I went there as an exchange student and since then I’ve felt attracted to photography.

One day while having a drink with my friends, I started taking pictures to capture the moment and blew people’s minds away with my photos. After that, I realized that it’s necessary to have a blog where you can find inspiration and information about photography.

As many people don’t know how to properly use a professional camera or which one is better than the other, I started with my dream called John Hamilton Photography. I wanted to solve doubts that many photographers have and teach beginners how to take exceptional shots, learn about angles, and practice photography composition.

John Hamilton Photography started in 2014, as I started writing articles about the importance of photography. Nowadays, I write about how to take a shot according to the lights or the location, which is the best camera for you according to your budget and your needs.

I created this blog to help people learn how to be a talented photographer in a few steps. The content that is posted every week is fun and educational, making it as interesting as possible for the audience.

The most important thing about my blog is that I put my heart in all the content I share, as I’m always creating new stuff to make it different from other websites. The values of the blog are love and responsibility because I write all the articles and strategies with love to make the site unique and special. John Hamilton Photography is a blog for photography lovers, starting professionals, and experts in the field that would like to share experiences, tips, and tricks, in a safe place. Help me achieve my goals and share yours with me.