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I create many plans for individuals and small brands. Also, I can discuss all the plans in a meeting and offer a discount depending on your requirements. Many of the advertising plans offered at John Hamilton Photography range from £100 to £500, so you will have many options to choose the best plan for you and your product.

Big Kodak

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This plan includes 5 110x180banners, 10 pictures of the product that’ll be advertised, a 20% discount in the next payment, and a keyword for your product. This plan is the most expensive of all, costing £500 a month. You have to pay 50% first and the remaining amount at the end of the month.

Extreme Sony

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This plan is for people who want to invest in a good announcement for the product at a low cost but with great benefits. You’ll get 50% discount off the total fee, 7 banners, and 3 GIFs to make your announcement a lot more creative at £350 a month.

Fun Polaroid

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If you are looking for a simple plan to advertise your product, this is the best for you. Depending on your needs, this plan contains up to 5 designs plus a vast variety of small 50×50 and 35×60 banners to show your products in a less invasive way. This plan is valued at £100 a month. To know more about the advertising plans and all the payment details, contact John Hamilton Photography through our Keep in Touch page.